Cooking Competition or “Master Chef in the forest”

This package is ideal for groups who desire to achieve team building!

The group will be divided in two teams!

In both teams instructions of various menus will be given, alongi with the necessary ingredients! The teams will have few minutes available to think about the recipee that will try!

Two tables will be set, one for each team! On each table the ingredients will be available there. When the time starts, one member of each team will start cooking, having a two minutes period to complete his course. After that time another member of the group will continue from where the latter has stopped. Meanwhile every two minutes the team will change his player. The player who is cooking should be “coached” by the precedent.

Price per person 60€

Contact us at : [email protected] and in the phone +30 6988-010000 and in the whatsapp : +30 6977289865.