Explore Tripoli

The Tripolis tour :

Tripolis from above : first we visit the SAOO refugee next to the picturesque temple of the ascension of Jesus. The temple itself is also worth visiting. Few meters away, there is the shelter of SAOO.  From this point (821 meters altitude), we may admire the view from above (Tripolis view) and the nearby mountains.

Next stop is the st George Park which has been voluntarily created by  the “association of the lawyers of Tripolis”, the early years of the 20th century. We stroll down the trails of the forest and then we will visit the modern theater in the upper side of the park.

Now we park our bus/car in between the major parks of the city of Tripolis. Another walk around the parks and then we are visiting the heart of the city and its most beautiful historical buildings :

Malliaropoulion  Municipal Theater : Α neoclassic baroque building in the center of the city.  It has been built on 1910 and it is open for concerts plays etc.

St. Vasilios Cathedral : The temple of St Vasilios is one of the most beautiful marble temples of Greece. Its history stems back in the mid ages of the 18th century.

Complimentary visit of the Archaeological Museum of Tripoli

At the end of our tour we will have a degustation trip in central restaurant. There we will enjoy local traditional delicacies.

Cost of tour : 65€ / person

For groups above 5 persons the price will be lower!!!

Minimum group : 2 persons.

Duration of tour : 4 hours.

Trip includes : Private transfers with luxury vehicle, guided tour in the city and the outskirts, light lunch in selected restaurant of Tripoli.

Entrance in the Archaelogical Museum of the city and guided tour is not included.

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